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Cold roll forming machine price factors

When buying cold roll forming machines, you will take into consideration the question of price, and how does the manufacturer price the product? What factors have a direct impact on the price of equipment?

I have been engaged in this industry for more than 10 years, working in roll forming machine manufacturer. Based on the understanding of the cold roll forming machine industry, I know the price of a machine to be determined by the general manufacturer. Make a brief introduction today so that you can buy a cold roll forming machine and know how to bid for a cost-effective product.

The pricing of a cold roll forming machine is related to:
1.The complexity of the machine: that is, the complexity of the custom-made product profile you need, if you want the more complex the production profile, so need to customize the cold forming machine more complex, thus need more number of sets of rolls, also takes longer production cycle, to debug the time will be longer and after-sale problems will be more as well.

2.The size of the custom profile: if a material is very small, so need to customize the cold roll forming machine is relatively small, less roll materials, the whole machine will be relatively small, use of steel as well as all aspects of the configuration will be smaller. The price of the machine is also relatively low, whereas the price of the machine will increase the cost accordingly as you customize the size of the profile.

3.The degree of automation of integration. This will also increase the production cycle and debugging time of the machine, and the number of components added to the whole automation line will increase, which will increase the price of the whole set of machines.

4.Your requirements on the precision of the workpiece and the surface treatment. The higher the requirements, the higher the precision of the cold roll forming machine, and the more complex the production. Such as you require to produce a high requirement of material surface, roll the processing time is not the same program, polishing and chrome plated surface, so that it will increase the cost of production of the roll.

5.The cost of after-sales service, these costs are generally considered according to the complexity of the machine, and the manufacturer will calculate these cost estimates. If the machine is more difficult, the cost of the manufacturer's budget will be higher.

All of these will have an impact on the price of the cold roll forming machine. Therefore, before fixing the equipment, we need to bring up the requirements mentioned above in detail, so that the manufacturer can price and serve better.

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