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ERW Tube Mill

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Tube mill is to take a continuously coiled flat strip, align the two edges together, put the edges in the right place while they are welded, and then size and straighten the finished tubular products to the required specifications.
We also can produce api pipe mill line and high precise hf welded pipe mill line.The mill line is for producing round, square, rectangular steel tubes.

95mmx3.0mm ERW Tube Mill (80mpm)

Main Specification of ERW Tube Mill

- Pipe Diameter: Φ25~Φ95 (50x 100) mm
- Wall thickness: 1.8mm ~ 3.0mm
- Raw Material: Carbon steel and semi alloy steel
- Pipe Length: 4m ~ 9m
- To-Length Accuracy: +/-3mm / total length

Raw Material Condition of ERW Tube Mill

- Low carbon steel and low construction steel HR, CR or galvanized steel
- Mechanical Characteristics
- Width of Strip: 80mm ~300mm
- Thickness of Strip: 1.8mm ~3.0mm
- ID of Coil: 480mm ~ 520mm (ID508mm)
- OD of Coil: Max 1800mm,
- Weight of Coil: Approx. 3 tons per each side

Tube Mill Line Specification

  • Mill Speed: 40 ~ 80m/min
  • Direction of Operation: (To be confirmed by Buyer)
  • Total Power: Approx 600KW

Working Process of ERW Tube Mill

Uncoiling - Shearing and End welding – Material Cage - Forming - Welding – Cleaning - Cooling - Sizing - Flying saw cutting – Run out table - Pipe collecting - Packing

Commissioning of ERW Tube Mill
1. The client shall prepare civil works such as plant building, equipment foundation, and cooling water pool as per equipment data provided by the supplier. Necessary installation apparatus (lifting rig, tools), installation accessories (wires, conduits, water tubes), and helping labors shall be arranged by the client
2. The buyer shall provide the water, power, and air to the joint of machine.

1. Guarantee period: The warranty will be maintenance, maintain in the guarantee period of one year starting from delivery, which is in the conditions of correct operation. (Natural disasters or factors which can't forced by human are excluded)

2. Detail Engineering
  • Layout and General Arrangement drawing
  • Foundation Layout drawing
  • Operation and Maintenance Instructions

3. Training
During Installation and commissioning of the equipment, our engineers shall provide the training to buyer's workers to operate and maintain the equipment. Additional training can be provided on request.
  • Foundation construction, electrical works, and civil engineering;
  • Electrical wire, mechanical tubes, water tubes between machines;
  • Lubricating oil, recirculation oil, gear box oil, recirculation cooling water;
  • Safety equipments and non-standard safety items;
  • Testing material;
  • Engineering service required at the Buyer's site.


Technical Specifications of ERW Tube Mill






- Width of Strip: 80mm ~240mm

- Weight of Coil: Approx. 3 tons

- Structure: Double mandrel

- Break and Torque: Pneumatic


Shear and Welder

- Shearing Style: Pneumatic Cylinder

- Welding Style: manual


Horizontal Spiral Accumulator

- Max width of strip: 240mm Max

- Structure: Horizontal spiral, plate rotation

- Reserving capacity: Approx. 400m

- Max charging speed : 0 ~ 150m/min

- Charge Pitch Roll: 15KW AC motor

- Plate rotation motor: 22KW AC motor


Forming Section

- Mill entry flattener - Type 5 roll, With side guide

- Forming mill - Driven stand 7 sets

- Driven stand shaft OD 60mm

- Driven stand shaft material 40Cr, surface hardened & grinded

- Side roll stand 8 sets

- Side roll stand shaft OD 40mm

Welding Section

- Seam guide stand 1set

- Squeeze roll stand type 2 rolls 1set

- External bead scarfing stand 2set

- Ironing roll stand 1set

- Cooling tank complete with 1set

Sizing Section

- Sizing mill consist of - Driven stand 5 sets

- Driven stand shaft OD 60mm

- Driven stand shaft material 40Cr, surface hardened & grinded.

- Side roll stand 5sets

- Side roll stand shaft OD 40mm

- Gear box & universal joint 5sets

- Turk head adjustment, up/down, in/out, rotate 3-axis

- No. of turks head 2 sets


H.F. Induction Welder 300kW With590+ DC Drive


Motor Driven 90kw

2 sets


Cutoff Saw

Cutting Length: 4~9m (continuously adjustable)

Cutting Precision≤±3mm

Cutting motor

Traveling motor

Total power: 45kw

Clamps: 1 set


Run Out Table

Taking the tubes out of run out table on both sides


Tooling Rolls (Including one set roller )

- Material Equivalent to D3 material

- Hardness 60 +/-2  HRC

-Heat treatment Hardening & tempering

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