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Square Welded Tube Mill

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The production of square/rectangular pipes adopts the combined roller. The roller position will be adjusted by spacer and motor adjustment to realize one set of the roller to apply for different size of pipe. The square or rectangular shaping is formed out before the tube welding, with important advantages in terms of power and material cost reduction.

Square and rectangular pipe mill feature:

  • The position of the roller will be adjusted automatically by the motor. And roller can be shared with different size, so time and labor are saved when changing size.
  • Multipoint pre-flex assembled forming roller design technology, flexible Cold Roll Forming, high-quality product, low roller loss.
  • AC motor drives individually, which is higher effective lower energy consumption and maintenance cost.
  • Perfect shape of the tube, the R Angle maintain uniform.

Advantages of Square Welded Tube Mill:

  • Great flexibility and the possibility of modifying the tube dimension without any roll change (in forming - welding - sizing - straightening) for any size included in the mill size range.
  • Extreme reduction of the mill set up time.
  • Elimination of all cost for roll sets.
  • The increase of productivity and reduction of stock and relative costs.
  • Manpower reduction by using fully automatically mill operation and adjustments.
  • Minimal and easy maintenance.
  • Display with the automatic illustration of tube section for each production step.
  • Friendly and easy operation of software for setting up of any production parameter, including tube angle radius.

Technological Flow of Square Welded Tube Mill:

Strip coil → Uncoiling → Coil peeler → Pinch & Leveling → Shearing and butt welding → Accumulator → Forming → Welding → Bead remover → Water cooling → Sizing → Turks head  → Flying saw cutting → Tube collecting.


Specifications of Square Welded Tube Mill:

Material to be processed

Carbon Steel, strip coils of weldable grade
with max. 0.2% carbon


Square & Rectangular tube

Tube Size



80 x 80 – 200 x 200 mm


80 x 150 – 150 x 250 mm

Wall thickness

2.0 mm – 8.0 mm

Tube length

6.0 m - 12.0 m

Line Speed

Max. 30 m/min

Welding Method

Solid State High-Frequency Welding 600kW

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