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PC Endurance Board Bending Processing

The bending of PC sheet and PC board.

The impact force of the endurance board can reach 3kg/cm. The impact force of the PC endurance board is 250-300 times as high as that of the ordinary glass, 20-30 times of the acrylic plate and 2 times of the tempered glass, with almost no risk of breaking. There are no cracks under the hammer below 3kg falling from two meters high, with the reputation of "unbreakable glass" and "ringing steel". The impact resistance of the PC board enables it to be cold formed at room temperature and can be bent in hot bending. Our company has large bending machine and oven equipment, it can perform cold bending and hot bending processing of PC plate within 2.5 meters. The endurance board can be cold bent and formed into arched, semi-circular roof and window according to the design drawings at the construction site. The smaller bending radius is 100 times the thickness of the plate.

PC plate bending mainly has two kinds:

One is cold-bending forming, generally it can use the 150 times of its thickness as a smaller cold-formed radius for cold bending. However, for the PC sheet with scratch proof layer, the smaller cold-bending radius should be considered of 175 times. If the smaller radius is required, it is recommended to adopt hot forming. The cold bending will cause deformation in a longer period of time. The degree of the deformation depends on the thickness of the sheet. The cold bending process will lead to a certain degree of relaxation, so the PC plate is better to be overbent around 25%, after a few days of the internal and external forces balancing , thus to make the final shape. In the PC plate cold-bending processing, it should be noted that the tool must be sharp, to accomplish installation after 1~2 days of relaxation time; do not decrease the angle of cold bending when installing, and do not push the PC plate to the installation position forcibly; the speed of cold-bending processing should be fast, so the effect will be better; as for the plate with the pattern, process on the side with the pattern which bear the pressure; in order to control the rebound, choose the plate below 6mm thick in the PC plate cold bending process.

The other is PC plate hot-bending processing, it is the use of heating equipment to heat on the both side or one side of the part of the PC board which need to be bent, generally according to the thickness of the PC plate, it is suggested to local heat on the both side of the PC plate which is above 5mm thick. At the same time, customers often ask about the problem that there are bubbles and crystal points in the heating area of the PC plate. Actually, it is related to the PC plate bending processing technology (mainly temperature control). Undeniably, it has a lot to do with the PC board itself. Many customers buy cheap PC board produced with reclaimed materials to save cost, as a result, it greatly affects the bending effect of the PC board. Therefore, it is suggested that if you need the bended PC products, you’d better buy PC plates of good quality.
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