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The particularity and usage of cold rolled c purlin

Cold rolled C purlin is a special type C purlin steel, its particularity mainly comes from its forming process, because of this, the use of cold rolled C purlin is also more distinctive. There is one type of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine, especially for the production of c purlins. The working process includes coiler loading, feeding-in with guiding (metal sheet is guided into the first forming station), straighten, rolling & forming, holes punching, hydraulic cutting and stacker running out.

Do you know where the cold roll C purlin is widely used? 

Cold rolled c purlin is produced with hot rolled plate through cold roll forming process. Compared with the traditional C purlin, the product has a thin wall light weight and good performance, high strength advantages, therefore under the same strength requirement it can reach the purpose of saving material. When it comes to applications, cold rolled c purlin naturely has received a lot of attention.

Cold rolled C purlin can be used for the purlin and wall beam of steel structure building, and also can be combined into lightweight roof truss, bracket and other building components. In addition, cold rolled C purlin in the production of mechanical light manufacturing of the column, beam and arm and other parts also have a very good effect. Moreover, the specification and length of the materials can be determined according to the requirements, which is very flexible.

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