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Stainless Steel Tube Mill

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High-precision stainless steel pipe mill line is specially designed to produce the industrial stainless steel pipe, which can be widely applied in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power, power stations, oil refining, seawater desalination and other high-end pipe making field. Rishbin has one perfect manufacturing process and layout rational for forming, sizing, lubricating, welding, heat treatment, cooling, cleaning to made up defects of the original making stainless steel pipe in production process, which reduces distortion and scratching of the pipes. The stainless steel pipe making machine, it is equipped with solid & rigid, stable under operation, and adopts of ground & high precise gear driving spindle to lower the malfunction of the machine. The most importance is that it always keeps products having a standard top quality. In order to meet different working capacity required, we present a complete series machines to satisfy you at free choice.

The whole production line could be producing stainless steel pipe/tube under mass production. The whole process is uncoiler, butting welding, accumulator, leveling, forming, welding, annealing, polishing, sizing, straightening, finishing, cutting to length, milling and run out table to collect. It could be done continuously and automatically. The machine could be customized designed and built, easy feature and operation, labor cost saving. Stainless steel tube mill is able to produce different type of stainless steel pipe/tube, such as round and square pipe/tube.

The whole production line up
  • Single head / Double head uncoiler
  • Strip butt welding equipment: Manual welding table or shear and butt welding machine
  • 3 stage roller tube making the machine
    1. Forming section
    2. Welding section
    3. Sizing section
  • Cooling section
  • Weld bead grinder
  • Auto - cut off
  • Run out table
  • Electric control system
  • TIG welding machine + cooling equipment/ plasma welding machine + cooling equipment
  • Rolls material is SKD 11

Stainless Steel Tube Mill

Application of Stainless Steel Tube Mill

The machine can produce the stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipes, copper pipes, not only for round pipe, but also the rectangular/ square pipe etc.

Stainless Steel Tube Mill


Basic conditions of Stainless Steel Tube Mill:

a) Steel Pipe Specification
  • Pipe diameter:                       15mm – 300mm
    Pipe Thickness:                      1.0mm – 8.0mm
  • Square & Rectangle Pipe:     10X10mm –200X200mm
    Pipe Thickness:                      1.0mm – 8.0mm
  • Pipe Length:                          10.0m – 20.0m
  • Length Tolerance:                  0 - 6mm

b) Steeltape Specification
  • Material:                                  Carbon steel 
  • Steel Tape: Inner diameter:    Φ470-Φ510mm
    Outer diameter:                      max=1500mm
    Strip steel width:                    25mm-100mm
    Strip steel thickness:              1.0mm-8.0mm
    The maximum weight:           1.0 tons

c) Electric installed capacity:      approx. 300KW

d) Size of the whole line:          appro. 40X5m

e) Line Speed:                    2-6m/min
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