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Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line

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Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line is the automation equipment that can continuously and efficiently produce polyurethane sandwich panels of exquisite and diverse shapes. This equipment has the advantages such as high durability, easy management.

Composition of Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line

1    De-coiler                                        2 sets
2    Main roll forming machine             2 sets
3    PU Injection Machine                     1 set
4    Double Rubber Belt Conveyor        1 set
3    Flying shear                                   1 set
4    Run-out table                                2 sets
5    PLC Control Carbinet                     1 set

Working Processing of Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line

Decoiler -- coil feeding -- roll forming -- PU foaming -- Conveyor -- cut to length -- run out table collecting

Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line1

Quick Detail of Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line

1. High automatization:
Full PLC computer integration controlling system with digital servo, frequency conversion vector and controlling technology, user-friendly design, and easy operation.

2. High efficiency:
Automatic continuous production.
Annual product capacity: 500,000 M2 (250 working days per year and 8 work hours per day)

3. High Precision:
Heated air recycle oven, strictly control the temperature of PU foaming and solidification in a suitable range.
Special double belt conveyor design ensure a flat surface, even thickness, and anti-deformation of the sandwich panel.

4. Environmental:
Using 141B (or cyclopentane) as a foaming agent, instead of carbon chloral-fluoride, making the PU foaming treatment become environmental production craft.

5. Low labor cost for production:
Operators: 5 people

6. Economic investment:
The International advanced level performance with reasonable price.

7. Multifunctional:
The Panel produced by this machine will be used for following building works:
  • Commercial/Industrial Cool rooms
  • Freezers
  • Pre-fabricated Building
  • Cool room & Freezer Doors
  • Portable Buildings
  • Shipping Container Conversion Sales/Leasing/Maintenance

Our Advantage

  • We use the quality parts in the world, such as Siemens Motor, Omron encoder, Panasonic PLC...
  • Our machine is definitely guaranteed for 12 months. If there is any problem, we will send our technician to fix the problem ASAP!
  • The final specification is according to final machine design made by our designers.
  • This machine could be customized, which is welcomed to communicate with our designers.

Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line2Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line3


Specification of Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line



Applicable Raw Material


Color steel, Galvanized sheet,
Aluminum sheet

(mm) Thickness


(Mpa) Yield Stength

≤350 (Max)

Producible Sandwich Panel


(mm) Length


(mm) Width


(mm) Thickness

30-150 (Not including height of corrugation)

Production Speed (m/min)

6-10 (Adjustable)

Valid length of double belt conveyor (m)


(optional as your production requirement)

Work pressure on pouring foam (Bar)


Total power (KW)

About 300

Total Size (Length x Width x Height) (mm)

50000 x 5000 x 6000 (optional)

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