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Downspout Roll Forming Machine

Downspout roll forming machines are producing various down pipes from galvanized steel, pre-painted steel or aluminum. We have two types of downspout roll forming machine, one is industrial grade downspout roll forming machine, which is larger and heavier. The other is portable downspout roll forming machine, which could take to the job on site. Pipe size is square pipe 2x3, 3x3, 3x4, or 4x5, both square corrugated pipe and plain square are available, and round pipe size is from 50mm diameters to 150mm diameters. The whole downspout roll forming machine line is including decoiler, roll forming machine, hydraulic power pack, hydraulic shear, electric controller and run out table; motorized decoiler with hydraulic expansion, also coil car is optional; Bomb type auto stacker is also available.
  • Industry Downspout Roll Forming Machine

    A downspout roll forming machine, known as rainwater downpipe roll forming machine as well, has been designed for making square or round (circle or rectangular) rainwater pipes.A downspout roll formin...

  • Portable Downspout Roll Forming Machine

    Specifications1. Included in lineDe-coiler•Roll Former•Controller system•Cutting system2. Speed•Standard 5-10 m/min.3. Forming•11 steps to forming4. Material• 0.3 - 0.7mm Aluminum ...

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