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Simple Steel Slitting Line

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Components of Simple Steel Slitting Line

The line includes in decoiler, guiding device, slitting device, extension device, re-coiler, PLC controlling system. 

Coil Feeding Equipment
The complete line is consists of one manually decoiler with a capacity of 10000Kgs. The steel sheet is feeding to the leveling equipment under the function of friction and traction. The decoiler's running speed can be matched with cutting machine speed which controls the switch and has a press arm to press the coil to avoid the coil loose during rotation. Also, the hydraulic station is separate; it is off without expanding, which can save the power. It is only for this decoiler, so it can be used separately.

Guiding Equipment
Adopting guiding bar and sliding block to control the width and position of the steel sheet. The coil is guided in the correct position and passed to the roll forming equipment.

Slitting device
The machine has three rubber pinching rollers to drive the sheet. Transfer the main motor power to the rollers through chains and sprockets, and also transfer the coil sheet. This device slits the sheet, adjust the slitting blade and can slit different sizes. And guide device is also included, so it is convenient to adjust the slitting size manually.

Extension device
Which is in front of re-coiler and mounted with re-coiler together, it extension the sheet so can wind a tight coil; also it has a partition to divide the sheet separately.

Include stand, reducer device, re-coiler shaft, re-coiler expander device, mechanical support arm.

PLC Control Panel
The electric controlling system of this machine consists of five parts: operating system, touch screen, PLC control system, transducer and electricity part.
The controlling system of this machine uses modularized structure and has convenient, reasonable, canonical wiring arrangement, and its maintenance is quite easy. The independent operating console facilitates the mutual dialogue between the operator and the machine. The operation is easy and steady and can be chosen operation by manual or automatic.

Working Flow of Simple Steel Slitting Line

Decoiling     slitting    extension      re-coiler    unload

Standard Equipment of Simple Steel Slitting Line

10MT decoiler                       1pc
Guiding device                      1 pc
Slitting device                       1set
10MT auto re-coiler              1 pc
PLC Control Panel                 1pc

Layout of Complete Line:

Simple Steel Slitting Line1

Machine photos for reference:

Simple Steel Slitting Line2 Simple Steel Slitting Line3

Simple Steel Slitting Line4


Technical Parameters

Raw material specifications: 
Raw material:  GI or PPGI
Thickness:   0.4—2.0mm
Width:   small than 1250mm
Inner diameter:  500mmmm
Max out diameter:  1500mm
Max weight:  10 T
Finished product specifications: 
Width tolerance:  0.5mm
Min slitting width:  30mm
Decoiler specifications: 
Max coil weight:   10 T
Inner diameter:   500mm
Max out diameter:   1500mm
Power:   7.5KW
Decoiler speed:  0-30m/min
Slitting device specifications: 
Slitting speed:   0-30mm/min
Driving motor:   3.0 KW
Slitting shaft diameter:   Ф100mm
Shearing blade:  12 pieces
Max slitting pieces: 12 pieces
Min slitting width:  30mm
Shearing blade material:  12CrMoV 
Pinching roller:  2 couples 
Power:  22KW, 380V 50HZ, 3 phase 
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