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High Frequency Carbon Steel Tube Mill

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Brief Introduction of High Frequency Carbon Steel Tube Mill

The High frequency carbon steel tube mill line is designed for forming pipes and tubes on one continuous line with steel strip, which was slit by slitting line to fit pipe or tube diameter. Using high frequency induction heating, this line is capable of producing section material of various diameters and sizes by squeezing weld seam together into closed shape.

The application of advanced aperture technology, PLC automatic control system and digital speed regulating unit ensure that the production line works reliably and operates and maintains easily.

Applications of High Frequency Carbon Steel Tube Mill

Furniture/ornamental for high quality tube with aesthetic surface
Automotive to comply with the high demand standard of automotive industry
Mechanical tube for precision tube as well as for high-resistant material
Structural high productivity and good mechanical properties
Conduit electric cables conduits
Water/gas to comply with the norms for
Heat exchanger for pressure, boiler and heat exchanger tubing
API for oil and natural gas
Steel profiles

Working Flow of High Frequency Carbon Steel Tube Mill

Coil Loading — Uncoiling—Pinching & Leveling — End Shearing -- Welding — Horizontal Spiral Accumulator — Flattening — Forming --- HF Welding – Outside Burr Removal – Water Cooling --- Sizing & Straightening --- Measuring Roll — Flying Saw Cutting — Run Out Conveyor
working flow

Equipment List of High Frequency Carbon Steel Tube Mill

Entry section


Hydraulic Uncoiler with loading coil car

Coil opener

Pressure pad + Peeler table

Leveling machine

Pinch roll + 5 Levelling roll

Shear & End Welder

Semi-automatic CO2 air-protection welding

Hydraulic Shear


Horizontal Spiral Accumulator

Forming section

Side guide & Flatten

Seven flattening roll

Round shape Forming

Conventional mill

Welding section

Seam guide roll stand

Squeeze roll stand

5-Roll type

Outer weld bead removal


Solid State

Vacuum Tube

Air cooling + water Cooling unit

Sizing & strengthening section


Conventional mill

Turk Head

Single Station

Measuring roll stand

Speed & length measuring

Cutting & discharging

Flying Saw

Pneumatic Friction Saw

Run out conveyor

One side

Tube Mill Components

1. Uncoiler

2. Welding Table and Shear
Welding Table and Shear

3. Spiral Horizontal Accumulator
Spiral Horizontal Accumulator

4. Forming & Sizing Unit
Forming & Sizing Unit

5. Cutting Saw
Cutting Saw

6. Solid State H.F. Welder
Solid State H.F


Technical Parameters of High Frequency Carbon Steel Tube Mill

Raw material

Hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel

Round tube outer diameter


Wall thickness round tube


Square tube

90×90-100×100, 125×125, 150×150,170×170, etc

Rectangular tube

60×125, 80×150,125×170,150×200, etc

Wall thickness Square & Rectangular tube


Tube welding speed


Main DC Drive


High frequency welder


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