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Quality Control

For each different production line, we have different strict quality rules, and quality assurance department will make sure NG product will be never sent to the market.

From product ordering to the completion of machine production, we go through multiple steps under strict control. The process is as follows:
  • The department of technology designs and verifies the drawings.
  • The production department confirms the materials in stock.
  • The procurement department confirms the material delivery time.
  • The metal processing workshop and cold forming workshop acknowledge the quality of the component parts and the delivery time. QC will make spot tests to those finished workpieces often.
  • The assembly workshop confirms the assembly time.
  • The quality department inspects the final product and the qualified product can be delivered.
Every step is strictly supervised. The wearing parts such as the PLC and hydraulic station are packaged with exportation exclusive wooden cases that are firmly fixated in the container to prevent damage during transportation.
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