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The main characteristics of cold formed steel

Cold formed steel is made of hot rolled or cold rolled strip steel by rolling, forming, bending and punching. Cold rolled steel has the following characteristics:

1. The section economy is reasonable, saving material. The section shape of the cold formed steel section can be designed according to the need, the structure is reasonable, the section coefficient of unit weight is higher than that of hot rolled steel. Under the same load, the weight of components can be reduced and materials can be saved. Cold formed steel is used for building structure comparable to hot-rolled steel, which can save 38-50% of metal. It is used for agricultural machinery and vehicles to save 15-60% of metal. Convenient construction, reduce the comprehensive cost.
2. There are various kinds of cold formed steel with different kinds of shapes and different materials produced by cold roll forming machines, which is difficult to produce with the general hot rolling method.
3. The product surface is bright and clean, the appearance is good, the size, and the length can be adjusted flexibly according to the need, all according to the fixed ruler or the multiplier, improve the material utilization rate.
Rishbin is a professional cold roll forming machine manufacturer from China, which offers wide ranges of roll forming machines for various applications for worldwide customers.
Rishbin has more than 20 years development of cold roll forming equipment and rich experience and advanced management concept, relying on strong technical strength, complete processing equipment, advanced production technology, to provide users with various specifications of the cold forming shape products of drawings and samples, design and develop cold forming mold, cold roll forming equipment, and can help users put forward rectification opinions. Welcome customers to discuss cooperation!

Find different types of roll forming machine produced by Rishbin:
Rishbin produced different types of roll forming machines
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