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Instruction for Use of 6m Hydraulic Bending Machine

As the leader of cold bending technology, cold bending machine is widely used in industrial production. Any equipment is used through certain technical methods, of course, the cold bending machine is not an exception. Only by using correct technical methods can the improvement of the efficiency be guaranteed. What are the matters need attention for the professional equipment, the cold bending machine? PuAnTongYong, as a professional manufacturer of cold bending , will give you a detailed explanation as follows.

Cold bending forming machine has high efficiency and low energy consumption. It will not cause environmental pollution, it has low failure probability and low noise decibels. It is a good cold bending equipment. In the process of using the cold bending machine, we should strictly follow the regulations for safety operation and place the machine stably to prevent the machine from leaning and even bumping during the operation to avoid damages. Check the contact ratio and firmness of the upper and lower dies before and check whether or not the equipment has meet the processing requirements before the operation. After the machine starts, check whether or not the equipment operates normally, whether or not the sound is within the normal sound range and whether or not the vibration frequency is normal. If there is any abnormal during the inspection, stop the operation immediately and check the cause of the failure of the equipment, which can guarantee both the service life of the machine and the safety of the staff, thus it is a necessary measure.

As a necessary mechanical equipment for cold bending steel, cold bending forming machine is widely used in industrial production. It is widely welcomed by people because of its high working efficiency, small noise and no pollution to the environment. However, the use of cold bending molding machine is specified. Only by using correct technical methods can the improvement of the efficiency and the safety of the personnel be guaranteed. Do you know anything about it? If not, the following article will help you.

1. Adjust the pressing speed according to the material properties and machining curvature to prevent the workpiece from breaking and splashing.

2. When many people work together, they must be commanded by a certain leader. When making the processing parts enter, move back or turn over, the foreman must give instructions to other personnel and let them cooperate closely with each other and the action of the personnel should be consistent. Hands are not allowed to be placed between the feeding and discharging roller and the workpiece.

3. When choosing the notch of the cold bending forming machine, the notch' width is usually 8 times as long as the thickness of the plate. For example, bending 4mm sheets requires notch with width of 32mm.

4. According to the bend angle of the processing parts, the top pad should be moved during the process, the contact part between the top pad and the head should not be less than 2/3. The contact part between the end of the workpiece and the supporting pad should be beyond the central axis of the support pad. It is not allowed to stand at the end of the section bar when the bend angle is large.
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