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Cold Rolling Forming Realized Domestic Automation

Cold roll forming sectional steel is one kind of steel types, that is, strip steel with a certain width goes through a group of longitudinal rolls under the condition of normal temperature, it will gradually deform to meet the requirements of the shape and size, and then it will be cut into the corresponding length according to the determined size. Of course, cold roll forming steel can also be obtained by means of stamping, bending or drawing. However, the roll forming method is suitable for large batch industrial production, its product quality, processing cost and production efficiency are beyond comparison. At present, it is the main production process of cold roll forming steel. Taking the foreign technology as the precondition, we have fully realized the domestic automatic complete production.

The future developing direction of the cold roll forming machine group industry is to improve the tooling and equipment, improve the material characteristics, study the position of the shaft of the mill, improve the standard and the design of the product and improve the bending and the deformation of the material. According to this situation, the design of the cold roll forming machine will also tend to be more flexible, but how to design a highly flexible cold roll forming machine will become a difficult problem. It is expected that with the development of modern science and technology, the cold roll forming equipment in China will be more and more advanced. Enterprises with technological innovation capability have competitive advantages in a long term. They can transform traditional industries with high and new technology, introduce, digest and absorb advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad actively, improve the equipment level of enterprises, speed up equipment renewal and technological innovation, realize the optimization and upgrading of the rolling door machinery and equipment industry and the products themselves, and improve the added value of the products.
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