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Introduction To The Scientific Development Of Quality Inspection Of Light Steel Frame Machine

The main raw material produced by the steel frame machine is the steel strip, and through a series of process to produce various kinds of profiles. Production including light steel frame paint frame, and other profiles. In the production, the scale is standard and accurate, and can also produce other products according to the requirements and demands of the customers, meet market demand. The production mode makes the steel frame machine gaining recognition in the market, progress a lot of sales market. With the improving of the level of productivity and science and technology, consumers for the quality of the light steel frame machine also puts forward the new standard, so quality inspection is important in the process of producing light steel frame machine. The quality is the lifeblood of light steel frame machine manufacturers, the foundation of enterprise development in the long run. The manufacturer must have good quality control, in the light steel frame machine production process, take quality inspection in each working procedure.

Quality inspection of light steel frame machine should follow scientific principles, according to the scientific and reasonable judgment standard, objective assessment of the machine quality, service quality and operation quality, to ensure that the test conducted in accordance with the following points:
  • Establish and improve the quality inspection system, make the light steel frame machine inspection be scientific, institutionalized and standardized;
  • Have a clear inspection standard, in order to ensure the quality of light steel frame machine, to determine whether a product conforms to the requirements of the scientific, the manufacturer must be according to the current standard production, but at the same time to modify and perfect the standard;
  • Improve detection methods, improve the level of detection, reducing error continuously;
In short, only in accordance with the standard of institutionalized for production and inspection, the quality is the guarantee of light steel frame machine, and the enterprise can get long-term development.

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