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Difference between cold forming steel and ordinary steel structure

Cold forming steel is the general name of a class of steel, including C purlin, Z purlin, rectangular tube, color steel tiles and such a series of building profiles, which playing an important role in various industries. These different steel profiles through specialized roll forming machines are widely used because of their extraordinary performance. There may be some people who don't know much about cold forming steel. It has many advantages that ordinary steel structure can't be compared with.

On one hand, from the steel structure, the shape of the end face of cold forming steel can be very complicated. On the other hand, in terms of quality, cold forming steel has the advantages of smooth surface and high dimensional accuracy, which can be considered as an efficient and economical end steel. Although its unit price is slightly higher than that of hot rolled steel, the overall cost is still lower than other commonly used materials.

Cold roll forming steel, compared with the ordinary steel structure, still has a lot of special circumstances, such as the effect of cold roll forming, local buckling of panel and the material requirements, etc., so there has been much remains to be further in-depth study about the cold roll forming steel and development of various roll forming machines.

Rishbin Co., Ltd., is a professional roll forming machine manufacturer, with complex and special-shaped automatic cold roll forming equipment production. You can find different sizes, models and applications of roll forming machines for different steel profiles.

Rishbin provides customers with drawings and samples of cold roll forming products of various shapes and specifications. We design and develop cold forming molds, cold forming equipment and cold forming products, and can help users to put forward rectification opinions. The steel profiles from Rishbin cold roll forming machine have the advantages of beautiful shape, precise size and good overall effect. Any complex and accurate cold forming products can be delivered to the user with excellent molding effect. Custom stable, production efficient and automatic cold roll forming machine equipment, welcome to discuss cooperation!

Some typical Rishbin produced roll forming machines:
CZU Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line
Steel Deck Roll Forming Machine
Grain Silo Roll Forming Machine
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