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Characteristics and Processing Technology of Cold-formed Steel

Cold-formed steel generally uses hot rolled or cold rolled steel as raw materials. In the state of normal temperature, through drawing, stamping, bending or roller bending forming machine, the various thin wall profiles are difficult to produce.

The characteristics of cold-formed steel are embodied in the following aspects:

1. The production of roller-type cold-formed steel is simpler than other mill equipment that produces similar products. It has light weight, small footprint, little relative investment, short construction period, low production personnel and high efficiency.

2. The cold-formed steel is bent in the multi-channel forming roll due to the use of cold and hot rolled strip steel coil as raw material. Therefore, the product surface is bright and cleanand the product section size is high and the mechanical property is good. The product production of its processing can be adjusted flexibly according to the user's needs.

3. The shape of the product can be designed according to the user's needs and the structure is reasonable. The section performance of its unit weight is superior to that of hot rolled shape. It can save 10%-40% of steel by making structural steel.

4. The product materials of cold-formed steel products are diversified, which can not only produce ordinary carbon steel, low alloy strength steel, stainless steel and can also produce all kinds of plating board, coating board, a variety of nonferrous metals of cold curved profile. It is adapt to various market demands. The production process of cold-formed steel can be extended, and it has better comprehensive benefit for its deep processing.

There are four kinds of cold roll forming machine process: single sheet forming process, roll forming process, continuous molding process, combined molding process.

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