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Cold-formed steel Purlins / Girts are structural steel members for framing, both roof and wall, widely used in steel construction. They are in turn supported by walls or rafters, mostly C shapes or Z shapes are used. In the steel industry, structural steel is commonly used as channel sections, with or without flange stiffeners, both C shape and U shape are usually referred. They're shaped on a bending press, to create a web with two flanges. They could be a variety of sizes. Multiple holes punching is for any installation requirement. In steel building construction area, roof and wall are frequently cold formed steel sections. Steel framing is an important component of pre-engineered steel buildings. Purlins provide additional support for the roof. They make horizontal support for the weight of roof deck. They also help make entire roof structure more rigid. Because they add mid-span support, purlins allow longer spans, enabling to create a wider building.

Because of development of structural steel industry, roll-formed steel profiles are used as more and more applications, not only for infrastructure, industrial and commercial segments but also for solar mounting systems. C purlins and Z purlins, also U purlins could be made for building solar racks, with any required holes for installation.

Applications of C and Z Shaped Section Channels:

  • Since the moment of inertia on Z purlin's weak axis is much bigger than that of C purlin, Z purlin works much better from the integrity point of view.
  • Z steel purlins can be overlapped continuously while C steel purlins cannot, therefore, it's better to use Z steel purlins instead of c purlins on metal buildings with continuous spans.
  • Z purlins are much stronger than C purlins due to its continuous or overlapping capability. In this case, for the metal building with bigger roofing loading capacity.
  • On the roofing of steel framed structures with single spans, and for supporting walls, it's better to use Cee purlins because it's easy to install and calculate. They can work as the support for the roof, walls, and floor etc.
  • For the metal buildings installed with concealed fixing or klip lock roof panels, Z purlins can work better than C purlins.
Since all the purlin machines could be customized built, profiles sizes could be C profile, Z profile, U profile, Omega profile and Sigma profile, with various sizes, holes punching could be made according to real requirement, pre-punch and post punch are both available, pre-cut and post shear are both optional, even flying shear and non stop punch with servo motor drive is available when high production capacity is needed. Other machine specifications, such as running speed, transmission drive type, plain run out the table or auto stacker (bomb type) could be chosen. It depends on production capacity and budget. Decoiler is also a necessary part of the whole production line for steel coil processing, manual one? Hydraulic expansion? Motorized rotation? The hydraulic expansion is reducing labor cost and time to fasten steel coil after coil loading into the decoiler; Motorized rotation mostly is being used for high-speed production, because it will feed steel sheet automatically into the roll forming machine.

Rishbin offers different types of purlin roll former machines for sale for worldwide customers, welcome to share knowledge and experience.

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