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Drywall Frame

The drywall, which is derived from Singapore, refers to the wall constructed by the dry method. That is, to complete the prefabricated components in the factory. It is factory products and is the "assembled" wall at the construction site. Relative to the general quality control problems in wet operations, the stability of product quality is ensured effectively through industrial technology. 

Some people may think that this kind of drywall will be very expensive, which is based on the low cost of domestic workers, the poor quality of the project and the low residential property. In fact, it is also an inertial thought. Because the drywall reduces the thickness, increases the use of the area and reduces the weight. On the other hand, it improves the construction efficiency and improves the quality of the construction, and does not reduce the maintenance cost in the later period, and is not higher in the previous investment than in the traditional south wall. 

Although the manufacturer's publicity material thinks that the strength of the drywall is very high, the masking resistance and anti-theft performance can be guaranteed. But it is suggested that the dry wall only be used as the "indoor partition wall", which is mainly based on two aspects: first, the weatherproof performance of the thousand walls is a little worse than the solid wall, such as rain proof and moistureproof, and the exterior wall is not very suitable for exterior walls: second, the drywall is a light system, although it can get a good effect of isolating air noise by filling sound absorption material, it is poor in reducing the propagation of vibration noise. Although the manufacturer has a good system and it can separate the keel system into two independent systems, the cost is too high. Therefore, drywalls are not suitable for household septum (partition wall), staircase moisture and inner corridor side walls.

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