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Roof Batten

The Construction Technology of Roof Batten and Tiling

Firstly, Determining the Position of the Roof Batten and Counter Batten.

(1) Roof Batten and counter batten must be embalmed. Asphalt antiseptic can be used for surface treatment (wood or galvanized iron sheets).(2) on the concrete protective layer of house, ejecting the position line of the counter batten at intervals of 600mm, and then fix the counter batten by steel nails. (3) the height difference of the counter batten should be controlled within 3mm. If it exceeds the difference, the height of it need to adjust. In order to ensure the level of the roof battento reach the requirement; the specification of the counter batten is 25mm x 35mm. (4) Nailing the roof batten in the counter batten. The general size of the roof batten is 25mm x 35mm. The spacing of the roof batten is firstly divided into 155mm. If the spacing reduces to 155mm-159mm, the position of the roof batten will need to be ejected according to the spacing.

Secondly, Ejecting Lines on the Roof

1. the main roof line: uesing the ink fountain to eject the horizontal line, vertical line, gutter line and vertical line, which made the spcing distance about 1.5m-2m; 2. diagonal gutter line: ejecting the central line of the diagonal gutter, and the distance between the center line is about 110mm or 120mm. Then ejecting the location of the counter batten.

Thirdly, Moving the tiles will from the ground to the roof, and  handling them gently to avoid breakage.

2. The tiling of main tiles and cornice tiles: putting lines and then tiling from bottom to top, from right to left side. When the cornice has no finished drainage drains, the tile needs to put out of eave over 8cm; when the cornice has finished drainage drains, the tile needs to put out of eave about 6cm-8cm. According to the design of each building, there may be some adjustments. When tiling, each row should be laid on line to meet the requirement of leveling and straightening. The distance between the 5 tiles of each transverse and vertical should be adjusted at least one time.

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