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Grain Silo Erection

The circular concrete silo is widely used in storage, transfer, and production of grain industry because of its small area, large capacity, and high labor productivity. With the deep implementation of China's reform and opening up policy and the continuous development of the scale of agricultural production, the need for bulk materials to store in the agricultural production is increasing continuously. It makes the storage capacity of the single silo increased and prompts the development of the silo to larger sizes and larger diameter.

Under the condition that the diameter, height, and capacity of the concrete silo are increasing, the tension of the silo union caused by the storage pressure is also increasing, which makes the control of the crack of the silo became a problem. Most of the previous designs used ordinary reinforced concrete structures. By improving the strength levels of concrete and increasing the circumferential shear wall of the cylinder wall, the manufacturers want to satisfy the control requirements of cracks. However, the actual effect is not good. Moreover, because the circumferential steel bars are large in diameter and close in spacing, the length of reinforcement lap is relatively long, the construction is extremely inconvenient.

The application of prestressing technology in grain silo can improve the durability, integrity and earthquake resistance of reinforced concrete short storehouses while saving steel materials and reducing construction costs. It has good practical application effects.

 The Characteristics of the Prestressing Technology.

Compared with traditional silos, prestressing silo has the following advantages:

(1) Excellent crack resistance: it can effectively control the occurrence and development of vertical cracks in the silo wall.

(2) Good economic performances: it can make full use of the performances, including the compressive strength of concrete, the high tensile strength of steel wire and stranded wire. This technology applies prestressing to the silo wall and uses high strength steel to bear the circumferential pulling force of the silo wall. Thus it can effectively prevent the wall cracking, which will reduce the wall thickness and save a lot of concrete and steel consumption.

(3) It improves durability and corrosion resistance: cracks can be effectively controlled, thereby improving durability and corrosion resistance of structures during use

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