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Steel Tube

Steel Tube can be found in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, bridges and manufactured products, structures that reside in harsh environmental conditions like mines and oil fields, in the automotive industry and in everyday products like: office furniture, greenhouses, racking, signposts, conveyor belts, automotive manufacturing, residential and commercial fencing, exhaust & front pipes, staircase handrails, Solar panel frames, medical devices, industrial equipment, construction & architecture, HVAC systems and even as part of light and heavy-duty truck and trailer manufacturing. Steel tubing offers a combination of strength, durability, versatile, long-lasting, easy to cut, bend, form and affordability that make it the ideal choice for a wide range of countless applications. Because they are round, square and rectangular shapes, and are available in a wide range of sizes and thickness, and also cut to any length. Steel material types could be cold rolled, hot rolled, hot rolled pickled and oiled, galvanized, galvanealed.
Round steel tubing has excellent strength and durability and is affordable enough for a broad spectrum of applications. Round steel tube is a common material for construction, automotive manufacturing, heat exchangers, and countless other uses.

Structural Steel tube can be used for a wide variety of mechanical applications. It may be used either statically or dynamically. It is close tolerances, good finish, and dense structure make it ideal for parts such as structural support and parts, frames, racks, trailer beds and trailer components, structural components and supports for buildings, bridges, and highways, conveyors, machine parts, guides, and supports, safety and deck rails, sign posts, athletic equipment, ornamental usages and a wide range of applications in industrial, construction, automotive, appliance, furniture and agricultural industries.

Based on steel tube variety application, machine to produce steel pipe is also widely used in many different areas. Tube mills and pipe mills produce tubes and pipes of various configurations. The integrity of a piping and tubing also makes them key structural elements when manufactured for the special purpose. Steel tubes and pipes are fabricated by the mills via welding or seamless technology, depending on real operational requirements. Raw materials are formed into solid round bars and then processed using distinct technics like electric resistance welding (ERW) and submerged arc welding (SAW).

Rishbin offers a wide range of steel tube mills for sale.

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