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Guardrail For High Way

Whether on high ways or on urban roads, a series of highway guardrail plates are usually built on there. In this way, when the vehicle is out of control, the circumstance won’t be worse when it runs towards the guardrail. However, the general guardrail facilities for high way can bear great impact force and can play a buffering role. At the same time, it is easy to damage, the damage degree is deep and the repair cost is high, which will affect its performance and service life.

Compared with ordinary steel, zinc coat has lower hardness and it is easy to be mechanically damaged. Therefore, the user needs to be careful and handle it gently when in construction. If the zinc coat is damaged, the user needs to use high concentration zinc to make up it within 24 hours and replace it if necessary. When installing, firstly install the bracket on the column above, and do not screw the fixed bolt too tightly. Then use the connecting bolt to fix the guardrail to the bracket, and use the splicing bolts to make the guardrail and the plate jointed. Even minor collisions can cause great losses.

The guardrail plate devices for high way includes a cross beam and a supporting column arranged on both sides of the cross beam. at the bottom of the supporting column is a base, which is an aggravating base. The bottom part of the base is provided with a land grabbing device. The lower part of the cross beam are provided with steel strands, the ends of the which are fixed on the support column. The lower part of the steel strands is provided with pipe structure laterally. The supporting column is provided with through-holes corresponding to the pipe structure. The two ends of the pipe structure are located in the through-holes. The lower part of the pipe structure is provided with a number of steel guardrails. The steel guardrail section is fixed on the support column by the bolt structure, and the bottom of the steel guardrail section is connected to the remained tube.

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