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Pre-Engineered Steel Building

The Application of Prefabricated Construction in the Field of Architecture

The traditional cast-in-situ monolithic construction contains that all components are supported by on-site formwork, on-site concrete casting and on-site maintenance. It has the advantages of good integrity, strong rigidity, good shock resistance, good adaptability to irregular planes and so on. However, there are obvious drawbacks in adapting to site schedule and green construction requirements. Because it not only requires a large number of formworks, but also requires a large amount of work on site and a long construction period; the environmental water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution caused by wet operations have affected the development of this traditional construction technology. Compared with traditional cast-in-place construction, prefabricated construction has obvious advantages. The components are made in the factory or precast yard, and then installed at the construction site. After that, casting the reinforced concrete on or above other parts of it to connect to a whole. It can save formworks, improve construction conditions, improve productivity and speed up construction progress. The emission and noise pollution level of construction waste is much lower than that of traditional process. The requirements for green construction are more in line with the standards of modern architecture. Therefore, it is can satisfy the green development requirement effectively about "four sections and one environmental protection", and realize the construction process of low energy consumption and low emission.

Take the application of prefabricated construction in the first phase public rental housing project of Shenyang Metro * Lishui new town as an example to explain the characteristics of prefabricated construction. The project was located in Hunnan parking place of Shenyang Metro Line 2. The project consisted of 20 buildings of houses (18 floors every per building), which adopted the form of fabricated shear wall structure, precast fabricated wall, composite floor and fabricated staircase. The total construction area was 291153 m, of which 186,000 m was made by fabricated structure. This structure was adopted from the first floor to the whole in each building. At present, the project has been completed and received the expected architectural effect.

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