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Ceiling Batten

Common classification of ceiling board:

1. Plasterboard

It is understood that plasterboard is not only a lightweight, easily processed new building material, but also has the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation and fire prevention. In addition, the price of plasterboard is not expensive, and it is easy to construct. Therefore, it is an ideal choice to use it in the ceiling. If we coordinate with the overall decoration style of the living room, we can achieve a good decorative effect.

2. PVC board

PVC board is also one of the ceiling materials, but it has two kinds of soft and hard. Soft PVC contains softener, is easy to become brittle and not easy to save. So the scope of its use is limited, the living room in the ordinary house is not suitable to use soft PVC. However, hard PVC does not contain softener. It has good flexibility, and is easy forming, difficult to crisp and has long preservation time, so it has great application value and is used in toilets or kitchens.

3. Aluminum board

It is a non-toxic and tasteless material. It is widely used for interior decoration because of it has multiplied colors and is very decorative. It doesn’t collect dust and is easy to clean. It also has the characteristics of moisture-proof, oil proof, fireproofing, anti ultraviolet, anti-aging, discoloration and deformation. Of course, its cost is relatively low. Therefore, the use of aluminum board to decorate the ceiling of the living room is also very good.

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