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Rain Watersystem

The Application of Rainwater Recycling System in Architecture

With the rapid expansion of the scale and quantity of cities, the shortage problem of water resources is becoming more and more serious. In China nearly 400 cities are short of water or lack of water seriously, but the valuable rainwater resources have not been effectively utilized, and the utilization rate of rainwater is less than 10%. At the same time, urbanization brings a series of problems, such as environmental pollution, flood disaster and so on. In particular, the continuous expansion of impervious surface paved area and the increase of building density will shorten the formation time of ground runoff flow and increase the peak flow continuously. This circumstance will slao increase the flow of the drainage system during the rainy season, increase the risk of flood disaster and aggravate the damage.

The main advantages of rainwater recovery and utilization are as follows: 1) residential buildings or building monomers can set up independent water sources and keep the falling rainwater remained in its own area. 2) reducing urban drainage pressure and preventing urban floods effectively . By collecting falling rainwater on the roof, then the drainage pressure of the sewer can be reduced and the urban flood can be prevented. 3) it is possible to consider the rainwater as an emergency standby water source for disaster. The collection of rainwater can be used as fire protection. In addition, for natural disasters such as earthquakes, when the water pipeline is destroyed, the collected rainwater can also be used as a standby water source for living water.

Rainwater is the most fundamental, most direct, and most economical water resource, which has been recognized by all countries in the world. Rainwater has been paid more and more attention as a supplement of water resources. If people can collect the rainwater can reasonably and make a full use of it, it will become one of the effective measures to solve the shortage of water resources in cities.

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