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The rainwater collected by the downpipe is a component of the falling water system and is concentrated to the rainwater pipes laid below the ground.

The material of the downpipe can be divided into:

1. metal pipes (such as cast iron pipes, colored aluminum pipes, copper pipes, etc.);
2. plastic pipes (such as PVC pipes, etc.)

Compile regular sizes. Regular sizes of circular tubes are 40mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 90mm, 110mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 315 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm and so on. Regular sizes of square tubes are 80mm*55mm, 80mm*63mm, 80mm*100mm and so on.

Installation, installation of round pipe:

1. Set the fixed bracket according to the drawings indicating the position of 1.5--2.0 meters.
2. After the length of the pipe is taken, it can saw with hacksaw, manual cutting saw and grinding wheel cutter. After cutting, the section should be kept smooth, and the steel file should be used to remove the edges and then chamfer.
3. Clean the outer wall of pipes and the inner wall of pipes with detergent cloth to remove pollutants.
4. Apply the dissolving agent evenly to the outer wall of the pipe and the inner wall of the pipe, and then insert the pipe into the pipe quickly, and rotate at least 1/4 ring to ensure the joint fastening and no leakage.
5. After the bonding is finished, wipe off the excess solvent and fix the pipe in position for a period of time. It should not be affected by external force in 60mins.
6. After the tube is completely bonded, Put it in the set bracket and tighten the bracket fastener to complete the installation.

Installation of square tube:

1. After the length of the tube is taken, cut the saw by hand and by the abrasive wheel cutter. After cutting the saw, the fracture surface should be kept flat.
2. Insert the pipe into the pipe with the rivet fixed, and use the silicone apply to the joint to ensure that the joints are tight and seamless.
3. Place the pipe in the position of the drawing mark and fix it with pipe fittings, stainless steel screws and expansion pipes.

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