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Tube Mill Machine

Tube mill machines for Stainless steel tubes:

We constantly use stainless steel tubes for many applications, such as auto parts, piping, decoration, and others. And we composed the tube mills considering the stainless steel kinds whether austenitic, martensitic, or ferritic. The fine welding approach is selected by way of us for customers from high the frequency welding, TIG welding, plasma welding, and laser welding depending on the usage, welding requirements, and manufacturing efficiency.

Tube mill machines for Special tubes:

There are many types in steel tubes and all of them are used for a number of applications. And they are defined by means of the JIS preferred as SGP, STPG, STK, STKM, STKN, and others. We can weld these tubes with the aid of excessive frequency induction heating. In order to beautify the production efficiency, the line velocity can be faster than 100m/min. We have a lot of experiences in the machines for round, square, and other formed tubes.

Tube mill machines for Special tubes:

Special tubes encompass tubes made of one of a kind materials and specially-processed tubes. The tube mills for titanium and copper pipes, tube mills for cladding pipes, which are iron pipes included with stainless sheets), tube mills for corrugated pipes, which requires different processing, tube mills for lock seam pipes besides welding, all of them are the tube mills that we can provide. We can layout any tube mills for your exceptional use.
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