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Cold roll forming machine design and installation staff shortage

Cold roll forming industry shortage of talent has been a state, which is associated with industrial characteristics, the industry belong to the non-standard sector, not a lot of standard can refer to, and no professional training institutions. Moreover, the design and debugging talents of this industry need to accumulate over a long period of experience to become a qualified person.

Currently engaged in the industry, the qualified people are usually through their own long time of summary trial and development. I have been in the cold roll forming industry for many years, I really know that the excellent talent is really few.

Designers, especially roll designers, are critical to the cold roll forming machine, the first link in the quality of the equipment. If the design is not reasonable, serious may do scrap the whole roll, or later change cycle long, the design is not reasonable, lead to debug the master installation time will be extended indefinitely, with demolition, demolition, is a process of a special trouble. This is the direct result of the increase in production costs and the extension of the delivery time of the equipment.

For the installation and debugging staff, if the technology is not good enough, the equipment is also difficult to debug, leading to the failure of the equipment delivery time. When traveling to a customer factory for installation and debugging, a person is outside, more difficult to complete tasks, or running back and forth multiple times to solve the problem, so that both time and cost are wasted.

Cold roll forming industry talents need to work in this industry for many years, and have the patience to keep learning, constantly summarize the progress. Therefore, the production factory of cold forming products should cherish every good person, and avoid the brain drain that has been cultivated for a long time.

For roll forming machines, there are these types:

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