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The Development Trend Of Cut To Length Machine

The cut to length machine is used for cutting rolled pieces in horizontal movement, which began in the late 19th century, after a hundred years of development, and more often used in the production process of flying shears. At present, the wide application of flying shears: disc type flying shear, the rotary flying shear, the crank connecting rod type flying shear, crank eccentric type flying shear, the pendulum flying shear, the crank connecting rod type flying shear and so on. From the current roll forming machine usage and the development of wire rod production requirements as you can see, flying shear is the development trend of the following two aspects:

1. The quality requirements of the high-speed cut to length machine are improved, which requires that the speed of the blade of the shear blade along the horizontal direction in the shear zone should be consistent with the maximum speed of the rolling piece. To achieve this goal, a metal slitting machine is often set up a uniform structure, also some shearing machine is equipped with gap regulating mechanism, the improvement of the equipment led to the shearing machine structure is more and more complex. Therefore, it can be seen that the largest development trend of the cut to length machine is the complexity of the mechanism, but the shear quality will be improved correspondingly, and the performance of the shearing machine will getting better and better, with more functions.

2. Another development trend of high-speed cut to length machine is the increasing automation. With the development and improvement of the electromechanical integration process, the automatic trend has become the inevitable trend as the rolling speed becomes faster and faster. Rolling production line in the first place, more and more advanced, speed is becoming more and more quickly. The improvement of industrial development and mechatronics has provided the necessary conditions for the development of automation.
Cut To Length Machine

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