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Features and Requirements of C Section Line

In daily building construction, C section lines are used as building materials, as beams, tension bars, and brackets, to ensure the bearing capacity and safety of the building. Therefore, the role of C section lines in the building cannot be underestimated, and then I will mainly introduce its basic characteristics and manufacturing requirements to you.

The basic characteristics of C section line:

The C section line rolled by machine has good bending and compression resistance, good flatness, automatic constant length cutting, automatic punching, a high degree of automation, high loading speed and convenience. Its characteristics are: The material of C section line is usually bearing steel, and the hardness is between 57 and 58 degrees. The number of C steel wheel should not be less than 3. The number of C profiled steel axle should not be less than 12. And you should pay attention to the flatness and size of C section line.

The manufacturing requirements of C section line:

C section line is made of bearing steel (GR15) and annealed after forging; the base is made of 310H steel; the bottom five and four leveling channels are used to ensure leveling; the secondary forming method is adopted to ensure the square and right angles of the products, and the upper sizes can be made. Rolling material thickness is 1.5mm-3mm (thickness can also be designed according to user requirements).
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