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The Development Of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The important part of C purlin roll forming machine is the mill equipment, the transmission power of the mill equipment, and the control of all mold transmission. C purlin roll forming machine observe the forming shoulder positioning of rolling mill equipment, the production change very often, because C purlin roll forming machine can be classified as cantilever type, shaft, double end double side type, standard type (traditional), double deck, group quick change type (plate, box), side-by-side. 

In this classification, there is no "uncommon rolling mill equipment" such as drawing mill equipment, spiral tube rolling mill equipment, car rolling mill equipment, special mill equipment, etc. 
C Purlin Roll Forming Machine
C purlin roll forming machines are generally divided into two types: double support and cantilever type. Cantilever mill equipment rollers are mounted on only one end of the shaft, while the double supported shaft is operated at both ends. C purlin forming machine can be used for thinner toppings and only in the shape of strip edges. This is due to the greater deflection of the shaft end than the double end. The biggest advantage of C purlin forming machines is still that the products are often shaped in width. 

C purlin forming machine market analyses
According to the introduction of customers, mostly by our statistics, most of the growth in three stages: 
  • Early stage: at this stage, most of the c purlin forming machine prices depends on the length of the object, the premium is relatively high. 
  • Growth stage: some depending on the length of the object, the other according to the component object. 
  • Mature stage: most of the selling price according to the component object, this phase of the competition are grumpy.
C purlin roll forming machine is composed of feeding rack, feed import platform, leveling device, forming machine, punching device, flying saw cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control cabinet and so on. The c purlin finished by the machine has good bending resistance, good straightness, automatic long cutting, automatic punching, high automatization and convenient installation. Products can be used as the main body of large and medium-sized industrial and civil construction stress structure, such as factories, warehouses, engine garages, hangar, exhibition halls, theaters, sports venues, the market garden shed roof bearing load and metope.
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