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Grain Silo Manufacturers Dust Explosion-Proof Safety Specification

General Provisions
1. During the design stage of grain silos manufacturers, the scope and grade of dust explosion hazard sites shall be defined and divided according to the technical process, material characteristics, site structure and layout.

2 When the techincal process, materials, equipment, site structure and layout change, the scope and grade of the dust explosion hazard site should be re-evaluated, defined and divided.

3 During the entire operation process, the division and documentation of the partition should be kept, and the fatalness and division of the process should be evaluated dynamically at regular intervals.

4 If device or equipment needs to be disassembled during maintenance, measures should be taken to ensure that the overall explosion-proof form is not damaged during reassembly.

5 Buildings, equipment supports, equipment casings and structural parts should be reduced horizontal surfaces as much as possible enable to reduce dust accumulation, and be easy to clean.

6 Explosion-proof measures such as blasting, explosion suppression, explosion isolation, anti-explosion structure, dilution dust concentration, etc. can be applied in the grain silos manufacturers.

7 When installing a pressure relief device on a surrounding body such as a tank, a silo, a storehouse, or a device, it shall comply with the requirements of GB/T 15605.

8 When installing a suppression device on a surrounding body such as a tank, a storehouse, a silo, or a device, it shall comply with the requirements of GB/T 18154.

9 The safety production management of the grain silos manufacturers shall comply with the requirements of AQ/T 9006.

Job safety management
1 Equipment maintenance and operation should be done in a way that prevents dust from escaping.

2 A periodic cleaning system should be established to remove dust from walls, floors, beams, overhead ceilings, horizontal surfaces of equipment, pipes, legs, pipe clamps, and other concealed surfaces.

3 When cleaning dust, it should be done in a way that produces the least amount of dust clouds.

4 Compressed air is allowed to be used for cleaing only when all equipment is shut down and all potential ignition sources are reliably controlled, and the compressed air pressure should be below 103 kPa.

5 hot work should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of GB 17440.

6 In the 20, 21 area, the use of gunpowder nail guns should be carried out according to the requirements of hot work.
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