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Environmental Protection of Cold Formed Steel Machine

Automatic cold formed steel machine has realized environmental protection and processing production.

Brief introduction of fully automatic cold formed steel machine: Automatic cold formed steel machine is an integrated system, which includes an industrial robot, controller, programmer, robot gripper, automatic dismantling/stacking machine, pallet conveying and positioning equipment and automatic cold bending steel machine mode software.

Fully automatic cold formed steel machine industry is developing rapidly, especially in recent years, the development of the domestic industry is enormous, it not only reflects in the continuous expansion of production scale but also reflects the continuous increase in the number of production, in-depth expansion of the application field. In recent years, the technology level of domestic cold bending industry has been improving. Combining with the conditions of their own factories and through independent research and development or importing of advanced equipment from abroad, each enterprise has made its own level of equipment rise continuously, the production process has been improved continuously, and the technical capability has been improved continuously. This has prompted the development of a number of high-speed rolling mills, and the scale, efficiency, and intensification are being carried out step by step, thus achieving high efficiency. The goal of producing high-quality products.
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