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Cold Formed Steel Machine

The features of cold formed steel machine:

Hot bending has many shortcomings, such as the bending of I-shaped steel will be restored to its original shape because of force, and hot bending needs to consume a large number of coal resources and will cause environmental pollution, hot bending efficiency is low. However, the cold formed steel machine researched, developed and produced by our company is a deformation-proof, twist-proof, spring back-proof steel bending forming equipment. In the cold bending process, the pass rate of section steel is as high as 90%, and the pass rate of cold bending is significantly improved. All of the sections can be formed in one bending process without secondary correction, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

The maintenance of cold formed steel machine:

The displacement of the cold formed steel machine is fixed, and the shortening or expanding displacement between the end and the starting support of the hydraulic cold formed steel machine is only a small part of the data shown in the table, it usually tends initially from the middle to each end of the hydraulic machine. The displacement or expansion of each end is only reduced by half. It should be noted that the thickness of purlins should not exceed that of screws. Hydraulic cold formed steel machine currently supply screws with plastic heads, stainless steel caps or coated with a special durable protective layer. Fixed screws should be selected according to the number of structural life. The hydraulic cold formed steel machine is equipped with a washable washer except for the screws. And for the light plate and special wind pressure, they are equipped with the corresponding common washer, some of the details of the disposal are very important. As for the roof, it is necessary to terminate the corresponding edge-closing mission of hydraulic cold formed steel machine on roofs and eaves, so that it is easier to grasp the device and more effectively prevent rainwater from entering the roof.
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