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Description of C Channel Roll Forming Machine

We support and manufacture C channel machine, especially the C channel roll forming machines for small to large-scale production volumes. The main variations are in the computer building and in the production speed.

The constructions can be made as efficient and automated as possible by combining all kinds of extra equipment from our extensive which vary the total manufacturing manner for the computing device. A reliable and powerful decoiler is an imperative part of the fluent operation. The decoilers of our company are reachable in 5 to 10-ton coils to meet our customers’ actual requirements. We can equip the automatic stacker with either a belt conveyor or a motorized curler line. When the C channel machine or the C channel roll forming machines is geared up with a pre-cutter, there will be no waste left while we are altering the coil.

We also can provide the wide range of uncoilers to meet the unique desires, such as the hydraulic or manually expandable Mandrel. And there are two types: single or twin head (duplex) type. And the motorized or non-driven uncoiler are also available.

All of our equipment meets all kinds of security requirements. We always use parts in our manage gadgets, and they are standard and can be observed worldwide without any problem. This technique, the C channel roll forming machine is pretty fee superb for giant manufacturing runs, though when dimensional consistency is of tantamount importance, the C channel roll forming machine is utilized regardless of quantity sometimes.

We format tailor made the C channel roll forming machines for specific want like hydraulic lifted single stage for transformer radiator plate. The sliding base type of the C channel roll forming machine for just in time measurement change over.
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