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Construction Essentials for Pre Engineered Buildings

Construction Essentials for Pre Engineered Buildings First, installation and construction of prefabricated laminated balcony board of pre engineered buildings  Balcony hoisting in place:

(1) The prefabricated balcony hoisting shall be carried out with four rings reserved on the prefabricated panels during lifting;

(2) During the lifting process of the balcony panel, the balcony panel is stopped at 500mm from the working surface, adjusting the position, and then the installation is performed, take the action slowly when installing;

(3) After placing the balcony board aligning against the control line, fine-tune the position to ensure horizontal placement, and finally adjust the elevation with a U-shaped bracket;

(4) After the balcony hoisting is installed, it must be calibrated to ensure the installation quality.

Secondly, prefabricated laminate installation and construction of pre engineered buildings 

(1) When hoisting the laminated board, the modular lifting beam is used for to start, and the lifting process is slow to ensure the smoothness of the laminated board;

(2) During the hoisting process, pause slightly 300mm away from the working layer, adjust and position the direction of the laminated plate; avoid collision during the lifting process, stop and slowly put down to ensure the laminated plate is in good condition;

(3) When installing, make a temporary bracket at the bottom, the distance between the support points is 150cm, and each open bracket is set for 2~3 rows;

(4) If the structural layer construction is carried out, a double-layered support shall be provided. After the construction of one layer of the laminated slab structure is completed and the strength of the cast-in-place concrete is greater than or equal to 70% of the design strength., the next support could be removed then.

Thirdly, prefabricated staircase installation and construction of pre engineered buildings 

When the prefabricated staircase is installed, it should be stopped at a distance of 500mm from the working surface, and adjusted according to the direction of the stairway during slight pause. Slowly operate when it is in place to avoid damage to the stairs. After it is basically in place, the crowbar is used to fine-tune the to correct position according to the control line, and after the correction is completed, the welding is carried out for fixing.
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